Collective Worship and Assemblies

The children of English Martrys have an act of worship or assembly every day.

On Monday afternoon the whole school gathers together to celebrate the beginning of the week and the assembly theme is underpinned by Gospel values. This could be linked to the Gospel readings, SEAL programme or themed around a particular event we are celebrating.

On a Wednesday afternoon the school enjoys hymn practice, which is usually related to the liturgical cycle and the Parish masses for the week.

Every Thursday the school leads the Parish Mass. There is a rota which informs parents which class is taking the lead that day. Parents and friends are very welcome to attend the School Masses.

On Friday morning we have our celebration assembly. Here children are nominated by staff for outstanding work and behaviour. They are Stars of the Week and receive a special trophy to take home for the week and a Star sticker. The children’s names are published on this website. In each class there are two ‘stars’.

Spirituality, Reflection and Prayer

Children at English Martyrs are encouraged to develop and deepen their spirituality through reflection in collective worship and praying. They can also play quiet group games, read a book or just have time to be still and think.

In each class there is a focus of worship where on display will be a crucifix, candle, bible and statue. The display will reflect the colours of the Church year and around the display will be evidence of children’s prayers and religious work.

Children have the opportunity to stop and reflect through prayer during the day not only in the classroom, but also in the prayer garden during their break time.

Throughout the school year Benediction takes place, sometimes in the Prayer Garden, in the Church or School hall. Parents are welcome to attend Benediction.